The Real Collusion

When we hear talk of so called Collusion the only Rhetorics we here is the rewriting of history from the Republican Narrative -Collusion between Security Forces & Loyalists !!

But let’s look into the real Collusion - between the UK Government & Republican Terrorists via the Terrorists in Suits Sinn Fein !!


Despite the very same Terrorist attempt to Murder The Same Lady

The former British prime minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, when in power gave her personal approval to secret talks between British government officials and the IRA leadership in 1990, setting in a train a dialogue which led to the Northern Ireland peace process, which she now regularly denounces.

In one of her final acts before she was deposed as prime minister, Lady Thatcher allowed her Northern Ireland Secretary, Mr Peter Brooke, to talk to republicans through a secret "back channel" after MI5 advised the government that the IRA was looking at ways of ending its terrorist campaign.

The "back channel", which had existed since the early 1970s, was reactivated by Mr Brooke in 1990 when both the government and the republicans recognised that they would have to find a new way forward after the terrorism on the 1980s. Messages were passed between the two sides by a go-between, the "mountain climber".

In public, Mr Brooke also sent powerful signals to republicans. In his most important speech weeks before Lady Thatcher's fall Mr Brooke said Britain had "no selfish strategic or economic interest" in Northern Ireland.

Tony Traitor Blair held Secret talks with Sinn Fein & it’s Military leaders of the Republican Terrorist Grouping PIRA .

Tony Blair had secret face-to-face talks with members of the IRA's Army Council during peace talks, it has been reported.

Assurances given to Mr Blair at the time that the IRA would decommission all their weapons by May 2000 came directly from senior IRA members.

Downing Street responded to the claims at that time by saying: "The prime minister met leading representatives of all pro-agreement parties who have members elected to the Assembly.

"The details of those discussions are confidential. The outcome of those discussions is well known."