Words By our dear Friend - Comrade - Mentor , Dennis Hutchings Family


Dear Supporters,

We’re writing to update you following Tuesday’s announcement during the Queen’s Speech.

You may have heard during the speech that the government are intending to pass legislation imminently, which should draw a line under future discriminatory and vexatious prosecutions of British Army veterans for Troubles related incidents.

While encouraging, until a bill is actually introduced into Parliament and we know its contents, we do not know if the Government will actually finally deliver on its commitment.

Veterans have been let down too many times and too many promises have been broken.

That being so, we will not rest until legislation is passed that gives Northern Ireland veterans the protections they deserve.

This means continuing Dennis’ case in Strasbourg. Should the Government let the veterans down again, it may be the last best hope to bring an end to this and give innocent elderly victims peace of mind that they won’t one day face a knock on the door to be dragged away and subjected to the ordeal that Dennis was.

If successful, Strasbourg would not only declare that the government violated the human rights of veterans who served this country, but, if it continues to break them, it would compel the United Kingdom to follow through on their promises.

Please continue to donate, share, and support Dennis’ deeply important quest to protect Northern Ireland veterans. Dennis’ campaign can be found here:

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With very best wishes,

The family of Dennis Hutchings.

“We at Veterans & Supporters United will continue to raise Awareness until the very end alongside Kim , John , Sharon & the Devonshire / Hutchings Family”.