The Real Deal SAS Legend Rusty Firmin

Veterans & Supporters United very own SAS Hero Rusty Firmin - the real man behind the Iranian Embassy Siege ..!

Rusty & His Team alongside other elite Soldiers from the SAS swept through the building during the 17 minute carnage in which they where under intensive fire from the Terrorists .

Rusty’s Warrant Officer White having seen the Terrorist at the top of the landing shouted out “ TERRORIST - GRENADE ”

White said I - grabbed this person and turned him around and sent him down the stairs when I realised it was a terrorist and he had a grenade.

'I looked over the balcony which over looked the main staircase and I shouted to the team below the words 'terrorist' and 'grenade'.

'Luckily by the time he got down he was taken care of - He was met by a hail of bullets from Rusty before he could release his grenade. If it had gone off we would have lost a lot of the hostages.'

This was the First Time in Britains History that the Elite Special Air Service was captured on film in a live Ongoing Mission & on British Soil .


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Here is Rusty “ NO GLOVES ” Firmin on set with the cast of 6 Days giving inside knowledge & helping re-create events that unfolded during this time .


Rusty - Teamed up with VETERANS & SUPPORTERS UNITED “ VASU ” in early 2021 having seen their commitment & determination & self Resolve in their approach to Highlight this Plight & be at the Courts where it matters most with the elderly Veterans who like Rusty in the early 1970s - 2007 where sent across to Ulster to face an enemy that hid in the shadows that was happy to cause bloodshed & mayhem for a futile cause …

Alongside the bravest of the brave RUC & UDR - Greenfinch those whom worked & lived within the fractured Communities other Battalion's from all parts of the Army including the Elite Parachute Regiment & the SAS formed that thin Green Line within Northern Ireland .