The Real Face Of The Pat Finucane Solicitors Part 4 of 4

PART 4 - Exposing The Pat Finucane Centre and the IRA Finucane Family Dynasty.

References Pat Finucane's mum and his son John, Lawyer, MP and Captain of Lamh Dhearg GAA senior team. Pat Finucane’s mother, Kathleen, on hearing of the death of her son John on 28th June 1972 whilst on active service for the IRA - Did she say 'I was shocked and horrified that my son was involved with the IRA', No.? - Did she state 'above all, I never wanted him to join a terrorist organisation which would take a human life under any circumstances, No.? Kathleen did, however, go on to state in An Phoblacht expressing pride in her dead son John, who 'gave his life' on behalf of the IRA.! Quite shocking to say the least. Equally, her grandson John Finucane tries literally to ride two horses when he's double jobbing as a Lawyer and also a Sinn Fein MP. He also chooses to never question, challenge or highlight the thousands of IRA bombings and murders. Just like his associates within Sinn Féin across Northern Ireland and beyond, they never mention ANY of the thousands IRA’s Human Rights violations.? Has John Finucane MP called for investigations into the 338 of his Catholic, co-religionists murdered by the IRA, No.? Does John call for investigations into the IRA 'Human Bombs' when individuals where physically strapped to high explosive devices which murdered innocents and caused multiple casualties, No.? Or called for Investigations how this tactic was adopted by the FARC in Colombia (having received training by the IRA), remember the 'Colombia Three' who fled before the court passing 17yr sentences, in absentia? They subsequently turned up and lived freely and openly in ROI, No.? The human bomb tactic was later used by other terrorist groups such as Palestinian militants, the Islamic State, the rebels in the Syrian Civil War and by al-Qaeda on the 9/11 USA, World Trade Centre.! This is what John Finucane said in 2018 giving an address at the Ardoyne's Easter commemoration to the IRA. "comrades… we also send a message loud, clear and unambiguous to our Taoiseach Leo Varadkar… generation of Gaels, of socialists, feminists and nationalists… The orange state is gone, and will never return. The perpetual unionist majority in the north has ended and ended for good. This did not just happen, for this was a direct result of the sacrifice, resilience, leadership and activism of republicans everywhere, and embodied by this very community I am proud to stand wit h today… Building on the work of Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and others… Go raibh mile and up the rebels"..? Is this John’s version of outreach, equality respect and integrity to Unionists and IRA Victim's.? However, the Finucane's in general and John Finucane MP in particular greatest duplicity and hypocrisy is when they refer on many occasions to his father as having been an “officer of the court” why he should not have been murdered but then go on to ignore ALL of the other Officers of the Court who were murdered.!? How can the Finucane's possibly ignore ALL of these murders of 'Officers of the Court' their families, some murdered at home by the IRA in front of wives and children – some murdered by the IRA as they came out of Church.?? What an incredible series of omissions by a Westminster MP and a so-called Human Rights Lawyer.! If John Finucane is declaring that the Pat Finucane campaign is NOT about solely one man, then why is there no evidence of him or his family members ever having campaigned for or having ever even mentioned the other murdered 'officers of the court' and indeed all 1,700 murdered by the IRA and calling for independent public inquiries into their murders.??

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