The Real Face of The Pat Finucane Solicitors part 3 of 4

PART 3 - Exposing The Pat Finucane Centre and the IRA Finucane Family Dynasty.

Outlines a brief overview of Pat Finucane's brothers John and Seamus Finucane and their IRA activities Pat Finucane’s brother John Finucane was a so-called 'section leader in the 1st Battalion of the IRA. He was arrested and interned on 29 February 1972 for four months. Within three weeks of being released, he was 'killed in action' in a hijacked car when it crashed into a lamppost at Beechmount of the Falls Road, Belfast. He and the other dead occupant of the car, Anthony Jordan, were claimed by the IRA as members in The Irish News death notices at the time. It should be noted the modus operandi, MO or method of denial if an individual is accused of being in the IRA is outlined in their green book; deny, don't admit membership, don't tell your family, friends, girlfriends or workmates. Something their El Supremo, Gerry Adams, has enacted and demonstrated over his lifetime.! Why, because the IRA is a Proscribed Organisation and it would compromise so-called operations and volunteers. However, for reasons only to advance their terrorist insurgency (or like McGuiness or Gerry Kelly who had IRA convictions in a court of law) they only occasionally disclose an individual's IRA membership. John Finucane's death notices did confirm his membership and indeed his mother's actual comments to the Sinn Fein publication An Phoblacht on learning of her son's death (on 'active service') did also validate this assertion. In so doing they (the family) affirmed the accuracy of the RUC’s intelligence was spot on in regards to arresting and interning John Finucane 4 months previously! Pat Finucane’s brother Seamus Finucane also came to the notice of the RUC and was arrested and detained on September 18, 1973, at the age of 16. At the time Sinn Fein moved to support him and called for schools to be closed and the blocking of streets in protest. Again within months of being released Seamus Finucane was arrested following the IRA bombing of Balmoral furniture factory in Dunmurry after which shots were fired at the RUC. He along with three others were captured, the infamous 'Bobby Sands', Joe McDonnell and Sean Lavery, they left behind two of their wounded comrades Seamus Martin and Gabriel Corbett. The bombing of Balmoral furniture company took place five years after an IRA murderous bomb attack on the Balmoral furniture shop on the Shankill Road in December 1971 when they murdered two babies, 17-month-old Colin Nichol, 2-year-old Tracey Munn and also 70-year-old Hugh Bruce and 29 year Harold King. (They kill babies, don't they..fact.!) Importantly, when Sinn Fein cries collusion, collusion as they overtly brainwash and radicalise the next generation of young nationalists well-known IRA bombers and gunmen such as Seamus Finucane and Bobby Sands having fired on the RUC were arrested and brought before the courts contrary to Sinn Fein false allegations of a shoot-to-kill policy by the security forces! Unlike the IRA's cold-blooded murder of innocents, hundreds of IRA terrorist's were arrested brought before the courts and sentenced many availed of 50% remission, early release under the Belfast Agreement and some even obtained Royal Pardons (such as Gerry Kelly) or OTR letters.! If the RUC, Ulster Defence Regiment or the British Army had ever really practised a 'shoot to kill' Seamus Finucane, Bobby Sands along with hundreds of IRA terrorist's would have been wiped out in a matter of weeks. These facts dispel the so-called collusion and shot to kill allegations as pure republican myth, IRA/SF falsehoods, deception and lies. On September 6, 1977, Seamus Finucane was sentenced to 14 years in prison for possession of firearms with intent to endanger life. He was in the news again later when he attended the Gibraltar inquest in 1988 into the shooting of 3 IRA would-be car bombers by SAS soldiers. Newspaper reports described him as the former fiancé of IRA member Mairead Farrell, one of those shot dead by the SAS. Again, Seamus Finucane was in the news in more recent times in 2014 when an IRA sexual abuse victim Maria Cahill claimed that he was one of those who carried out an 'Internal IRA Investigation' she stated she was forced to confront the alleged IRA man who allegedly raped her, Martin Morris. At the time Seamus posted a link on his Facebook page to a blog that described Maria's alleged rapist as a man 'whom many a 16-year-old would likely fancy'. IRA membership charges against Seamus Finucane were subsequently dropped.! Note: the Pat Finucane Centre chooses NOT to investigate IRA’s Human Rights violations over a 30-year period, which include 1,700 murders, thousands of bombings, abductions, punishment beatings, punishment shootings, human bombs and the disappearance of civilians.? Like Sinn Féin and also a so-called human rights group 'Relatives For Justice' they never mention ANY of the thousands IRA’s Human Right's violations.? The 'Pat Finucane Centre' together with 'Relatives For Justice' continue to receive funding from the ROI, EU and Stormont's Executive Office.!?