Time To Walk Away

With The First Minister of Northern Ireland Resigning from this charade called Stormont & with the continued rhetoric of Republicanism being spewed by both the SDLP & Sinn Fein - Now must be the Time for Cool Heads & Right thinking Unionism .

The DUP , TUV & UUP must show leadership & walk away together for the betterment of the people

There should be no room in Northern Ireland Politics for Terrorists nor should politics be used to spew the Terrorist Agenda !!

Just today we learn that another Victim of Republican Murderers “ a Catholic “ is being searched for as part of the missing ..

This past week Republican Terrorists have been creating havok with Bomb Scares across Northern Ireland .

This married with the Rhetoric spewing from Colum Eastwood - Some MEP’s - Sinn Fein as they try to shackle Northern Ireland to a United Ireland belief whilst holding that gun against the head of everyone !!

For Northern Ireland to move forward collectively it needs to break free from the Terrorist Shackles ! Fact not fiction !