Trial of Soldiers A & C commenced

Our Collective grouping Veterans & Supporters United & JUSTICE FOR OP BANNER VETERANS ( Midlands Group) . had 6 Members of our Veterans & Supporters United Northern Ireland Branch on Monday Attend Belfast Court House in Support of 2 former Soldiers Soldiers A & C, 2 of our Representatives whom stood Silent, Dignified with a banner highlighting the Support for all Veterans & Soldiers A - Z whom are facing our Enemies - Repubican Terrorists - who have exchanged Balaclavas & Armalites since the 10th April 1998 & have put on the new uniform of a suit & have engaged in a Political & Bloodless War.

Our Members where joined by loyal Supporters of our grouping who handed out leaflets & stood in support of Soldiers A - Z. Also present was another Veterans Grouping Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans with Supporters standing dignified within the courts grounds.

Also In Attendance was the Former Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer & Northern Irelands first Veterans Commissioner Danny Kinahan who made the journey to support fellow Veterans.

The Veterans facing this Vexatious Unjust Persecution & Prosecution are known only as Soldiers A & C their identities hidden to protect themselves & families from Republican Terrorist Attacks.


2 elderly Veterans are currently re-living a terrible experience from a tour of duty during Northern Irelands Bloody Past in which under Disputed Circumstances 1 of Northern Irelands most netorious Republican Terrorists at that time ( a man on the most wanted list ) who had up until then killed at least 15 Serving Security Personnel & maimed many others before being shot & killed himself .!.

( Many within Northern Ireland & indeed Veteran Circles would say Justice was Served cold that day.)

Non the less to drag 2 elderly Veterans back to Belfast 50 years later then show boat them in a Trial normally reserved for Terrorists is despicable - these Men served Queen & Country.

Our Public Prosecution Service

The Norhern Ireland Office

& our Very own Politicians & Government need a serious shake up.

Convicted Terrorists sitting on the Policing Board

Convicted Terrorists Not only Sitting in Stormont but also running the Country.

Disgraceful to see any Unionist Politicians allowing Terrorists into Politics of Northern Ireland in any shape or form.

The Government may at that time ( 10th April 1998 ) have Stopped the majority of the bombs & the majority of the bullets , but to release Terrorists who tormented the world, who killed & maimed thousands of innocent people & Security Force Personnel was wrong then just as it is wrong now !

Its high time any future Government changed that

A Terrorist is a Terrorist wether that be the

Past , The Now or the Future.