Ukraine Aid Packages

Dennis Hutchings Son John is following in his fathers Foot steps alongside His Friend Gary & also Jez who is making his way to meet them on arrival , They are embarking on a Round trip to deliver aid to those Ukranian Refugees in need in the refugee camp at the Poland border .

please if you can contribute to their worthy cause Please do so .


For Those Choosing Their own Packages

For those rightly making & contributing to the Humanitarian aid for those still within Ukraine - firstly well done

Please ensure that you also add the following to the shoe boxes .

Tampax - besides the obvious Sanitary benefits - these are also great for treating gunshot wounds !! They are Sterile , Compact & when placed in the hole expand to seal the wound and will absorb blood , allowing the casualty to be safer until medical assistance can help .!

Superglue - these small tubes can be a real life saver in patching up wounds by binding the skin together , a long used substance in wars.!

Saline Solution - these are great for using on wounds to clean the effected area of debris before treating with bandages .!

Iodine - great for using around wounds to limit infections .!

other items of use :



rubber gloves

survival blankets

first aid kits

tooth paste

tooth brush


Shampoo - Soap

hair brush

hair bobble