VASU 2019-2022

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Despite the Governments statements concerning ending the prosecutions of all Soldiers A-Z our group had called out the government in January of 2020. We accused the SOS to Northern Ireland BRANDON LEWIS of lying & Deceiving Veterans “ Dangling Soldiers A-Z like a carrot to Veterans “ and practically all the main veteran protest leaders attacked us for it. My how they have changed their tune! Despite us still regularly being vilified !

The campaign led by those “leaders” had not achieved the perceived aim of stopping the prosecutions Realised in late 2021 - early 2022 after many meetings from Mark Francois & Johnny Mercer up to Brandon Lewis himself .

VASU ‘s approach is completely different to the collective approach .

We decided as a grouping to picket at specific institutions, using the “nudge theory” It has opened the eyes of the Court Service, Politicians, Police Forces, Forensic Staff, the British Legion, Irish Diplomats, Army Careers Offices, Barracks and Training Establishments as well as members of the Public. This was worked on by us at VASU closely working with the Late Dennis Hutchings , This saw how small numbered groups could reach many places at once & ultimately that ripple went up the inside core as seen pre covid - Something we at VASU & indeed Dennis saw as an opportunity to create widespread support locally in Villages , Towns & Cities “ the home to Veterans “ without the need for Veterans to travel far from home - that way they could engage & get support from the community they lived amongst - creating numerous small pickets that could all be fed into larger ones.

This got parked in 2020 with the Covid Pandemic & we instead took to Social Media Platforms ensuring the reach of this plight went world wide & found quick that on social media the message could be amplified further to great success despite those that continue to vilify us trying at every opportunity to thwart our messages from reaching people .

We are now getting back to Being on the street & combining this with Social Media via our well established Admin Team & Backroom team .


We also helped our Gurkha Comrades during there plight for equality & continue to do so having created a close bond with all ..


We work alongside people from Political Backgrounds from MLA’s to MP’s both in Northern Ireland & on the Mainland , Military people , Charities , Media & within the houses of Commons & Lords .. we take direction & guidance alongside working closely with SAS Hero Rusty Firmin & David Ellis Report.

We work alongside Veterans Champions & liaise regularly with all said