VASU Admin & Backroom Team

Updated: Jan 25

Who We Are

Firstly & Most Importantly it’s in the name



We are a Team of Both Veterans & Supporters of Veterans who have come together from all 4 parts of the United Kingdom . That together have formed the Admin Core to VASU - Our aim is to Promote - Raise Awareness - Ensure our Operation Banner Veterans known as “ Soldiers A-Z ” are not left to silently fight this never Ending Witch Hunt alone !! To hold all those that play a part in this Farce to account - We are a close knit Team & work collectively as a Team of Equals with No 1 Leader “ despite others beliefs ” - We all in Admin use our Group Profile CYRIL SQUIRE for ease of posting on Social Media Platforms - Reaching many many like minded Veterans & Indeed Supporters of Veterans around the entire World & making sure this Plight stays at the forefront of peoples minds..


Meet The Team

Rusty Firmin

The Real Deal !! This Hero needs no introduction - His dedication to his Queen & Country is known to all - he has served all over the World on Behalf of his Country in many a place including the Falklands & other areas not named ! , He also famously saved many Hostages lives in the Iranian Embassy Siege in London where he killed a Terrorist in the Stairwell Before he managed to detonated his Grenade.


Billy Dunbar & Chris Robinson

Both Tank / Recce Troopers from different era’s & now Veterans from The Royal Dragoon Guards formerly known as the 4th 7th & 5th skins - they together set up VASU in 2019 after being involved since 2016 in marches & other Veteran Related events where they had become disillusioned with how things where progressing with the same speeches being made time & time again .


Brenda Cameron

Brenda an Op Banner Veteran herself having served as a Greenfinch alongside 9 UDR plays a leading role within the Northern Ireland Branch having the full backing of many within the UDR Carrickfergus Association & Carrickfergus RBL & around the country - She also served alongside Chris Robinsons Family & His late Uncle Alex Robinson .


Colin & Dorothy