VASU moving forward

Veterans & Supporters United hail from all 4 Parts of the Union & beyond and We “ us all “ are held together by the St.Georges Cross - our love & devotion to Soldiers A-Z is what keeps us going strong as equals within Team VASU . We aim to be that thorn in the side of all players in this fight & will be at the fore-front not only in Raising that much needed Awareness but also at the Courts In Belfast where our Representatives will as always stand Shoulder To Shoulder with A-Z themselves .

Rusty Firmin brings a Wealth of Experience & Knowledge to the team & David Ellis brings plenty of Advice & a wealth of Expertise in dealing with Officers - Politicians & indeed Government & other Agencies & all those who need interviewed on these matters ..

VASU as we approach year 3 in 2022 are going from Strength To Strength and always keeping it real - your Support as always is much appreciated & we strive to keep not only the Veterans but also those that Support our Veterans as up to date with things as possible..

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