Veterans Commissioner Northern Ireland

Danny Kinahan firstly on behalf of Veterans & Supporters United congratulations on your appointment to become the first Northern Ireland Veterans Commissioner .

Our group work closely with Soldiers A - Z and we are in contact directly with them on a regular basis

Firstly Sir can we ask what you & your team are going to do to help these men currently facing Persecution & Prosecution in this IRA Sinn Fein led Witch hunt ??

How you intend to ensure their safety whilst attending Court here in Northern Ireland , given the forever present threat posed by the Republican Terrorists especially if our Veterans are having to be in the same place regularly whilst here.

Can we ask how much influence you and your team will have with Mr Mercer & his team because as of yet Mr Mercer refuses to speak to Veterans or indeed Veterans grouping & Dennis Hutchings has asked 3 times to meet with Johnny but is yet to be granted a meeting with his Veterans Minister.

We look forward to hearing from yourself on these matters as we all move forward .

Regards Admin .

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