We Maintain Our Support For Dennis Hutchings Wishes

A legacy was set by a Giant of a Man DENNIS HUTCHINGS who defied all MP’s & Military Advisors alongside many MOD recommendations in his personal quest to highlight the Injustices faced not only by himself & His Loving Family but also many many other Operation Banner Veterans yet to face this farce of a Witch - Hunt ‼

DENNIS HUTCHINGS fast became the household name within the Veteran's Campaign movement being seen as David facing the mighty Goliath “Government & Terrorists” over the unjust vexatious persecution & prosecution of our Operation Banner Veterans known as SOLDIERS A-Z.

DENNIS HUTCHINGS did not stand alone !!

Dennises partner Kim & Son John stood side by side with him every step of the way , The rest of the family circle wrapped their arms around him as he fought for what was right !!

Dennis had the entire Veterans Community behind him !! Including us in Veterans & Supporters United alongside Rusty Firmin whom worked closely with Dennis throughout.

Sadly during his time back in Belfast Dennis although Terminally ill - caught Covid & sadly passed away during his unjust Trial .!. This was felt amongst the entire Veteran Community who rallied around Kim , John & the entire Family Circle to say Fare Thee Well to our Comrade

One Thing that Dennis & Indeed his family wanted was To fight this not just for themselves but for each & every Veteran facing this Relentless witch - hunt by Republicans trying to re - write History.

DENNIS gave his last breath fighting for Soldiers A-Z & therefore so must We All

DENNIS did not want to simply role over & accept a Government led Legislative Legislation “AMNESTY ” which would put Veterans in the same sentence as the Terrorist they once faced -

Soldiers A-Z have never wanted nor believe in an amnesty - Amnesties are for the Guilty !!

Instead Soldiers A-Z simply want a level playing field & the protection from