Well Done Johnny

Once again Minister Johnny Mercer is going against Party Policy by attending yet another Veterans Court Appearance in Belfast !

Despite Today being Traditionally Mothers Day Minister Mercer has left his Wife's side to once again ensure the next Veteran

GUARDSMAN DAVE HOLDEN has backing from a Government Minister even if the rest of Government like past Governments Continue to fail Veterans !!

As another Veteran faces down yet another Farce Trial . Another in a long line of Cases being repeatedly dragged up in this never Ending Witch-Hunt - Brandon Lewis continues to fail Veterans.

In 2016 we had 70+ Ministers “ many of whom are Ex Officers now living gracefully part of the House Of Lords ” who voiced their Support for Op Banner Veterans yet they now sit silent !!

Again the Minister for Veterans Leo Docherty having replaced Minister Mercer is also silent having not engaged once with Soldiers A-Z .

WE ASK WHY - Has Government Whips Silenced you !

Alongside Minister Mercer , Guardsman Holden will be accompanied by his regimental friend & other Veterans whom will Ensure he does not face this alone !

We at VETERANS & SUPPORTERS UNITED having supported Guardsman Holden throughout will have Representation at The Court throughout.

Guardsman Holden has requested those attending in Support at the court Remain dignified & respectful at all times & lets not be drawn by any provocations should they arise .



In Closing - DAVE you may not have the numbers standing in the court room beside you but you have the Entire Veterans Community behind you !!