What has Changed from 2017 ??

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Remember before reading this - Robin Horsfall has been Marching people about London for 5 years in the knowledge of this & yet his marches are “ Always On A Bank Holiday Weekend when the Prime Minister /Royal Family & more Importantly Parlaiment are not at home “ since 2017 & has always had an Endless Go Fund Me to do so - !!

Remember Robin & Co stood outside the NIO Office a week before his 28th August March and declared without consulting any Veterans that he “ self appointed “ Spoke on Behalf of all Veterans - when he Publicily stated he accepted Brandon Lewis Statute of limitations “ draft “ on Behalf of all You/Us ..‼️

Well isn’t it Ironic that Mark Francois informed us all a week ago that Brandon Lewis has not even started yet ! Isn’t Ironic that VASU often labelled & Vilified by Robin & Co called the then Minister for Veterans Johnny Mercer out on his Failed Promise to Legislate back on 18th March 2020 . Yet here it is on a White Paper with not 1 change since 2017

Not Brought to you by Robin

Not brought to you by Brandon

But instead brought to you by Rusty Firmin & Veterans & Supporters United . No frills about us just cold hard facts .


On 14 July 2021 Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Right Honourable Brandon Lewis MP (a lawyer by trade), made a statement in the House of Commons and his office published a Modest Proposal: ‘Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past’ (CP498). It is fair to say that Mr Lewis’s Modest Proposal created a backlash within the community after its publication.”

As the UK’s Parliament is now in session it is appropriate to update readers of Village on the progress of Mr Lewis’s Modest Proposals.

Those Modest Proposals: The Draftsman Cometh

As of today (26 October 2021) the British government has yet to publish its proposed legislation to “Address the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past”. There is still no prospect that there will be a public consultation before the introduction of legislation as it was introduced as a White Paper which means the government is not obliged to consult on the contents as opposed to a Green Paper.

In the UK there has been cross-party condemnation of the approach of the British government on this issue.

There has also been condemnation from politicians in Ireland and USA and from international organisations including the European Human Rights Commissioner and the United Nations Special Rapporteurs.

For example:

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has warned that the proposals are “indistinguishable from a blanket unconditional amnesty for those not yet convicted” and “would undermine human rights protections and cut off avenues to justice for victims and their families”.