Where’s The Protection Brandon ??

BRANDON LEWIS since 2018 has been harping on that his Government will live up to it’s Election Manifesto Promises in Boris Johnsons Election Campaign .

In 2019 Boris Johnson Promised Veterans that his Government would be the Government to give all Veterans hope .!.

Johnny Mercer was appointed to the office of a newly formed veterans Office. His first pledge was to get to work on a template for a set of Legislations to protect Op Banner Veterans.

There was a wall of silence from within that office , In late 2020 into Early 2021 our Grouping VASU learned that the lid of the pen needed to draw up any planned proposal had not even been unscrewed let alone having put Pen to Paper.

Brandon Lewis & the then Minister Johnny Mercer both on the 18th March 2020 having got through Parliament with a similar paper on oversees Veterans took to the Media & asked for 1 extra Month to legislate a set of protective papers specifically for Northern Ireland Op Banner Veterans that would end the current Prosecutions. Again as time ticked along there was once again a wall of silence from both.

At the same time as all this blustering by both, Carefully selected Veterans where being courted by the Government departments in order to keep Veterans onside.

Robin Horsfall

Paul Del Young

Gavin Harry Wragg

Were invited onto the Defence Committee to give the Veterans Perspectives , Veterans Wishes & Insights & give their reasoning for what Veterans expect in respect to Op Banner Veterans Prosecutions.

Soldiers A-Z simply wish to have a level playing field where they can prove their innocence.

This was shortly followed up with a meeting via Zoom with the newly appointed Veterans Commissionaire to Northern Ireland - Danny Kinahan.

This Prompted further behind the scenes meetings for Robin Horsfall & Paul Del Young with Johnny Mercer - Mark Francois then onto Brandon Lewis.

At the same time VASU held a series of meetings with Former Officers now in the House of Lords , various MP’s & MLA’s , alongside Dennis Hutchings we held a similar meeting via zoom with the Veterans Commissionaire for Northern Ireland Danny Kinahan where both VASU & Dennis got to put joint views - expectations across together.

This all on the run up to the impending Show Trials of Op Banner Veterans was merely a smoke screen for Government aimed at keeping Veterans onside as long as possible.