Wheres Your Bill Brandon ??!

The 18th March 2022 is a date to Remember - Why you may ask ??

Because it is exactly 2 years from Brandon Lewis Asked Veterans for 1 extra Month to Legislate a statute of limitations for Op Banner Veterans.!! He stated at the time due to complexity of the Good Friday Agreement “shambles”.

At that time we at Veterans & Supporters United held a zoom meeting with the Veterans Commissionaire to Northern Ireland alongside the late Dennis Hutchings & it was confirmed at that Zoom Meeting that not only was Brandon Blowing smoke up Veterans Asses but that pen had not even been put to paper !!

Since this Date Brandon has Reneged On 8 separate Dates with a further 2 before hand !!

Johnny Mercer was at the time the Minister for Veterans & Shortly afterwords Resigned his post & has fought for Soldiers A-Z since ! His replacement Leo Docherty has been a lame duck since taking up his post giving both Northern Ireland Veterans the cold Shoulder & giving False Promises to our Gurkha Veterans !! He spends much of his time alongside Sir Stephen Lovegrove & the Permanent Defence Secretary helping cement the European Defence Union hiding this fact in plain sight !!


Brandon may well have held private meetings with Carefully Selected Veterans of the Northern Ireland Plight & promised the world but again he reneged on 2 deadlines with them since August 2021.

VETERANS are Sick Sore & Tired of False Promises made by consecutive Governments since John Major who show time & time again as we all witnessed with Tony Traitor Blair

That they would much rather appease Republican Terrorists wether that be in a suit or otherwise , Than Protect & Wrap there arms around the Very Men sent to stop the Terrorists .


Sign up to VASU on our webpage - keep up to date & above all else lets get out on the streets locally as Veterans & Supporters of Veterans & raise that Awareness in our local Villages , Town's & Cities.

Lets hound our local MP’s - MLA’s into publicly supporting our Veterans.

Have them continue that fight inside the houses of Lords & Commons.