Wise words From John Ross

The Minister with direct responsibility for the SF/IRA arch appeasers, the NIO, is the Secretary of State for NI. Today we have heard demands from back bench Conservatives, calling on Boris Johnson to ‘knock heads” together in Whitehall, to deliver on his promises of Dec 19. Heads need to be knocked in the NIO, who will resist anything that upsets Republicans, as we have continually seen.

Since Johnsons promises in 2019, there have been several files submitted to the PPS in NI for consideration of prosecution.

One of the oft repeated caveats of Johnson’s, was that those within the judicial system, would not be protected by any new legislation.

I wrote to Johnson at the start of 2020, and asked for clarification, on whether or not those with files being considered for prosecution were trapped in the judicial system, my letter was forwarded to the MOD and acknowledged, they then forwarded my letter to the NIO, who effectively fobbed me off!!

We must not underestimate the influence of the NIO, nor the duplicity of politicians, since Johnsons promises, many ageing and ailing Veterans and their families, have shamefully had to endure another year plus of hell.

Our demands on politicians must be unequivocal, the persecution and prosecutions of Veterans, are a direct result of Government cowardice and failings when negotiating the GFA.

Subsequent Governments have all been complicit in the ongoing appeasement of SF/IRA, orchestrated by the NIO, I have spoken to many politicians in recent years, and they are well aware of this, yet we still have many MP’s at Westminster, who are not in favour of protective legislation.

Without meaning to knock Paul and Robin’s efforts today, believing Veteran Groups “have a seat at the table” is premature at best, the only thing that influences individual MP’s is a threat to their seat, beyond that they will go through the motions.

Legislation will certainly come, I have no doubts about that, it is the caveats that are attached to it that are the worry, particularly that of new evidence.

We have little time left, and our demands should be totally unequivocal, all investigations must cease, some will say this will give equivalence by default to terrorists, that may be, but as the law in NI stands today, the maximum sentence a terrorist can get, for any offence including murder, is 2 years, if a judge awards a custodial sentence. A soldier convicted of murder today, will be subject to a mandatory life sentence!

Are we prepared to meekly accept this?

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