Words By Cyril

Wise words from Cyril Squire

Veterans & Soldiers A-Z should never be going through this injustice period !! For serving their Queen & Country during one of the bloodiest times of our nations history not on foreign lands but on home soil

Government / MOD & high ranking Officers should have stepped in from day 1 & said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH no more - but they stayed silent allowing rank & file Veterans 50+ years of age with many being in late 70s to face this farce of a witch-hunt ….

Sadly as seen with the Republican bombing of Canary Wharf after failed talks with the then prime minister Tony Blair - showed but 1 thing - Bomb the Money making tool & you have the Governments full attention !!

Shortly afterwords the IRA commandship under the guise of Sinn Fein MLA’s “Terrorists in suits “ secured the release of all known Republican killers & bombers with full immunity & pledged it’s ceasefire will stay indefinitely .

To secure the deal Tony Blair released Loyalist prisoners to secure their support .

Sinn Fein seen this as a major Victory & Government whilst sighing relief the bombs had stopped - realised this was only 1 part of the long war machine which would continue to raise it’s ugly head time & time again .

First it was Stormont then Dublin , it’s now in the process of re-writing history …

Now in 2021 the very same Terrorist reminds each Government of it’s power in Stormont & what it can & will do at every stumbling block with frequent attacks on security personnel under the guise of dissidents & each consecutive Government whimpers into the corner ready to sign what ever it needs to in order it keeps Republicans on side

The latest part of the long war is hounding elderly Veterans knowing the Government stays silent ! & with it’s new found wealth & power can manipulate everything to ensure it’s thirst gets quenched in the court room .

Next will be the expulsion of UK laws & it’s thirst for Unification no matter the cost ….. to be continued ……….

Be careful who you jump into bed with & trust .

Be extra careful what you agree to or let others agree to on your behalf , because once you agree to it there is no turning back - Sinn fein will ensure that !! As our consecutive Governments have learned no matter the price or consequences it’s deal or no deal period …

Sell your soul to the devil but be warned it’s his to keep

Is Northern Irelands Victims - Deceased Victims & Security Personnel to be a pawn in Sinn Feins Game of chess ??

Is Soldiers A-Z a simple knight on that board game ??

Are Terrorists really allowed to be that King that plays the Queen & Bishops “Government “ off against each other in order to secure

Check Mate ??

You decide